Grade 1 Teacher
We are a dedicated grades faculty who are committed to working out of Anthroposophy in supporting the young child, and one another in our personal development.
Our school was founded in 1993 and is the only independent Waldorf School in Arizona. Next year we will be offering parent child classes, 2 nursery classes, 2 kindergartens and grades school. We have a dedicated community of parents, faculty, staff and alumnae. Our website is
Four years ago, we purchased an almost 10 acre site in a rural historic district in Tucson. The property is an old horse ranch with endless possibilities. We are currently developing the site. A biodynamic farm and successful Community Supported Agriculture program have been ongoing. Please visit
Tucson has the lovely, relaxed feel of small town and the amenities of a sophisticated city. In addition to our sunny weather, Tucson has a strong artistic community and offers a wide range of cultural events, museums, film series, theater productions, and musical performances. The University of Arizona is one of the leading research institutions in the country and draws many intellectual leaders to Tucson. We have a vibrant political culture, great coffee shops, and strong environmental principles.
Tucson is situated in the lush Sonoran Desert and surrounded on all sides by mountain ranges. Opportunities for outdoor adventure and exploration abound. Within a short drive, you will find interesting small towns, national parks, and historic landmarks. Four hours south, on the Sea of Cortez, you will find beautiful beaches and world-class diving. Yes, it is hot in the summer, but there is lots of swimming and cool mountains nearby.
We are seeking a Waldorf Certified teacher or an experienced teacher currently enrolled in a Waldorf Certified training program.
Please send a letter of interest and your resume to Tucson Waldorf School, 3349 E. Presidio Rd., Tucson, Arizona 85716, or email, Thank you.